Mercedes-Benz Produces a Hugely Unique, Powerful New AMG Coupe

Very exciting news to report here today for anyone in the market for a new coupe, performance, or just hugely unique model; as there is one within the 2015 Mercedes-Benz lineup that fits all three of those adjectives. That model is the truly amazing new AMG GT Coupe, which you can see in (digital) action, below.

So as you have seen, the exterior is vintage-inspired, and gorgeous. But what's perhaps even more impressive is what they've done on the interior. It is entirely aviation inspired; with a unique center console and instrument cluster design, that truly makes you feel like a pilot. Add to this a low-slung seat position, and 426 horses under the hood, and you have one amazing performance coupe on your hands.

For a test drive on this, or any of our other amazing new Mercedes-Benz models, visit our Tulsa, OK dealership today.

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