Mercedes-Benz Japan has some 8-Bit Fun in new GLA-Class Commercial

Today we wanted to take a break from delivering straight brand news on the blog to deliver something a little more on the fun side. Here at Jackie Cooper Imports we like to pay close attention to the Mercedes-Benz media from all over the world. That is how we happened to come across this wacky new commercial from Japan for the upcoming 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class.

If you can't already tell who this newest Mercedes-Benz driver is, then turn up the volume and play the video. You will catch on soon enough.

Pretty cool right? It's certainly not like many of the car commercials we see here in the Tulsa area.

We are pretty excited for the arrival of the new GLA-Class this September. It is the automaker's first step into the world of compact-crossovers but we are already expecting a great response from drivers.

You can get all the details by visiting us here at the Jackie Cooper Imports Showroom and speaking with our staff. We would also be happy to arrange a test drive in any one of the new Mercedes-Benz vehicles currently in our inventory. Hope to see you soon.

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