Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code is a Moving Solar Panel

Can you imagine a car being turned into a moving solar panel? It doesn't seem feasible, but that's the idea for the breathtaking Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code.

Revealed in the video above, the G-Code is an ultra-high tech concept car that features a holographic grille, "suicide" doors and 21-inch aluminum wheels. It can be driven in fully-electric mode but offers the capability of an all-wheel drive SUV.

But, you want to hear about the solar panel, right? Well, the G-Code uses multi-voltaic silver paint that turns its body into a one giant solar panel to power its electric drivetrain. The G-Code's groundbreaking holographic front grille switches colors to indicate its current drive mode. In a standstill, the G-Code uses wind to create electro-static power. In other words, the G-Code is like a vehicle out of a science fiction film. We can't wait to learn more about the concept in the coming weeks. Until then, come down to  Jackie Cooper Imports in Tulsa, OK to browse our new model lineup today.

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