Premier Mercedes-Benz GLA250 pairs potent engines with practical efficiency

When you think about SUVs, the first characteristic that comes to mind probably isn't "efficient." Maybe you're thinking more about cargo capacity, passenger accommodation or sporty driving dynamics -- and don't worry, those are all notable elements of this SUV-like creature. But to be honest, this vehicle is in a segment unto itself. It's a fusion of a hatchback and a crossover, and it's making a mockery of the gas-guzzling sedans out there on the road.

The 2015 Mercedes Benz GLA250 is as svelte as SUVs come, and it's one of the most fuel-efficient crossovers, too. Opt for the original flavor and you're looking at roughly 35 mpg highway, and that suits just about every driver's taste.

If you have a refined palate for luxury crossovers, you'll want to recalibrate it with this wholly new recipe for the modern hauler. Check out the top five selling points of the GLA250 by tuning in to the AuoTrader.comĀ® video below, or see them for yourself when you taste test  any of available models, here at Jackie Cooper Imports in Tulsa, OK:

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