The CLA-Class meets Miami -- Mercedes-Benz overloads viewers with beauty shots

In true Mercedes-Benz fashion, the brand is looking to give its followers a more cerebral experience of its new Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class compact luxury sedan.

This high-class car is featured in a lucid dream-like video rather than just another one of the many in-your-face commercials about specs, prices and financing deals that are constantly churning through the airwaves these days. The feel-good clip takes fans along for a ride in this luxurious little car through the beautiful city of Miami. As if the CLA-Class didn't already look phenomenal here in Tulsa, OK, just wait until you see it set to the backdrop of Key West.

Get the whole tingly experience by tuning into the gorgeous footage below:

Sure, the CLA-Class looks great in the Florida Keys, but we here at Jack Cooper Imports think it would look even better in your driveway. See what we mean by browsing your favorite models here at the dealership and then taking them for a spin.

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